Google Engage Vancouver

Google just finished up with their Google Engage Certification Program Cram Sessions at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver.  The event, taught by Niko Downie from Google, consisted of four sessions that took place on August 28th and 29th. Unlike the recent Google Engage event we attended in Seattle which focused on advanced PPC strategies and […]

Google is Clawing Back AdPlanner Data

Google is making changes to DoubleClick AdPlanner that will restrict the data it provides. On September 5th, you will no longer be able to research domains that are not part of the Google Display Network (more money for Google I guess). They have gone even further to remove demographic data ,such as, keywords searched for, […]

Vancouver Business Network Meetup

I ended up going the Vancouver Business Network meetup last night. The meetup speaker was Earl Flormata, from Loud Ninja Marketing, who was discussing funnels. It was absolutely amazing the creative ways that he has used various funnel strategies to grow his business. What do funnels have to do with PPC? Well the way we […]