Do you need to outsource PPC management?

I will try to be as unbiased as possible in this article but I am a PPC consultant so this article is definitely one sided. However you should still ask yourself these questions to see if you should outsource your pay per click management.

What are your online marketing goals?

If you goals are to dominate the internet for your industry then you need a pro. However, if you only want to get a few more leads or sales a month form the internet but aren’t concerned about dominating then you don’t need to outsource you PPC management.

What is the level of competition in your industry?

If you search for your product and there are only 1 or 2  ads from your competition then you can probably get away with managing your own PPC.  If you do a search and all the ad spots are full (see “legal services” or “life insurance”) then you will need an Adwords expert. These guys are spending upwards of $25 per click to be in the top spot. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will burn through your budget very quickly and potentially see no return on investment.

What is your level of knowledge when it comes to internet marketing?

If you don’t have years of experience in internet marketing, you may be making mistakes, with your PPC that are costing you money that you don’t even realize. It would be silly to put an amateur boxer in the ring with a professional boxer, so why would you try to fight a professional when it comes to internet marketing? Professionals internet marketers spend their day researching and testing new strategies every single day, because that is their job.

How much time do you really have to manage your Pay Per Click account?

If you are just getting an account off the ground, you will need to check on it daily so that you don’t waist your money on clicks that are not going to bring in sales. If you don’t have at least an hour a day to devote to your PPC account for the first 6 weeks then you may want to delegate it to someone who has the time. Another point, is that most business owners can better spend their time returning sales leads or researching new investments, which will bring in more money than paying a PPC manager. You really have to look at the opportunity cost of managing your own account.

Are you making tons of money from internet marketing?

If you are not making buckets of money from your PPC then it is time to get a pro to manage it. Internet marketing should always be ROI positive no matter what your budget is. If you get a professional to manage your account they will more than likely pay for themselves due to an increase from internet sales or leads.

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