What is Google Adwords Pay Per Click?

Have you ever wondered what those funny looking sponsored links are when you search on Google? Well those are Google Adwords paid text ads. Google Adwords is an Internet marketing program that allows you to place advertisements on either search result pages or websites.

These ads are relevant to what the people are searching for. So yes these ads actually help people find what they are looking for. Most people don’t even realize that they are clicking on a sponsored link. This is good for you because they think you are showing up in the #1 spot in Google organically which gives you credibility.

So how does Google Adwords work?

How google adwords works
questions > >>> search for answers >>>> click on your ads >>>> find answers on your site

At the most basic level Google Adwords works by having the advertiser bid on keyword phrases that potential customers are searching for. When a potential customer searches for the term you are bidding on you ad will show up in the sponsored link section next to the organic rankings. Your ranking in the sponsored links is based on your bid and on how relevant your ad is to the searcher (AKA quality score).

The best part about Adwords is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. If people don’t like your ad and don’t click you don’t pay. Another benefit of pay per click advertising is that you can track the number of people that click, but most importantly take action on your site. This can be used to determine if Adwords PPC is right for you.

Why advertise on Google Adwords?

  • You can advertise either locally or globally-various geographic targeting settings
  • Pay what you want-set the maximum bid or daily budget you can afford. There are no minimums!
  • Reach the people you want-target people based on what they are looking for
  • Stop ads when you want-there is no upfront cost and no penalty for cancelling a campaign
  • Get a free $75 ad credit to get your campaign started

If Adwords is so simple, what is the big deal with it?

Well this is where your competitors come into play because they are already bidding on keywords that your customers are searching for. You will either have to be willing to pay more per click or be willing to spend the time to make sure your ads are more relevant.

The way you make your ad more relevant is through experience, testing and hard work. This is where you might want to get a Pay Per Click Consultant to help you out.