Best Pay Per Click Networks

So if you are not sure which pay per click networks to advertise on or even start with, this post should help.

Google Adwords Search

By far the biggest and in many respects best PPC Network is Google Adwords. Your ads can run beside relevant search result or on the Display network where your ads will show on other people’s websites. The disadvantage with Adwords is that it has the highest amount of competition right so you will end up paying a higher cost per click than on other networks.

Vancouver Pay Per Click recommends starting with Adwords for search first. The amount of  traffic is high and very targeted which helps with testing keywords and ad copy.  Within 4 of 6 weeks of advertising on Adwords search you will have enough historical data to build out your account. I have seen accounts go from 1 campaign with a few hundred keywords to 20 campaigns with tens of thousands of keywords in as little as a month. The first month requires a lot of work and expertise to prevent you from going in the wrong direction.

Adcenter & YSM

After 4 -6 weeks on Adwords your account is ready to be imported into Yahoo and Bing. Note: that Yahoo and Bing will combining their advertising platforms this fall. It is essential that you get an Adcenter account up now to start testing. Once they combine they will take up 30% of the PPC landscape which will bring in more competition. Getting your foot in the door now and stake your claim to keywords should be a high priority.

Advanced Networks:

Google Display Network

After Adcenter has been running for a few weeks and you have optimized your landing pages, the Google Display Network is the next step. The Display Network has the most volume out of any of the networks, but can eat up budgets very quickly by showing your ads on irrelevant websites. The advantage to this network is that the reach is large and you get get a massive amount of conversion from it. However, it takes a lot of time and money to get the Display Network fully optimized because you have to filter out all the irrelevant websites. The majority of people who try this network give up because their CPAs are higher than search and they lack the proper strategies. Talking to an Adwords Expert is essential to making the Display Network profitable.

Facebook Ads

Once the content network has shown you which themes convert then it is time to take that into Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are like the content network on steroids. Monthly budgets can be eaten up in a day if you don’t watch carefully. You can target by demographics, interests or groups. I would recommend talking to a Pay Per Click consultant before starting this because Google Analytics conversion tracking needs to be in place to keep track of Facebook conversions.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is the next frontier in PPC. It is the number two search engine in the world. Whether you have video content or not, if you are not on YouTube you are missing out on  a lot of eyes and potential sales. Not matter what your niche is you will find a video on YouTube that you can place an ad in or beside.

If you have any questions regarding these networks, please visit Vancouver Pay Per Click.